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Guild of Tax Adviser | Worldwide Associaton of Tax Advisors

Today's Date and Time

Good morning!  Welcome to the Association of Tax Advisors!

It is currently 09:49:13 on 18 January 2018 (18/01/2018) UK time, where the association's head office is based. However we are not just about UK tax advisors. The Association of Tax Advisors is a network of tax advisors from around the world.

An Association "an organisation of persons with related trading interests and goals and one formed for mutual aid or development of its members".

The Association of Taxation Advisors aims to help it's member firms and individuals succeed and develop in the field of tax. The Association is part of a growing network of online resources for people interested in tax and related issues. The Association itself is for Tax Professionals.

Membership of the Association

There are two types of membership open to tax advisors.

"Individual membership" which is free and open to any tax advisor. Tax advisor's can apply for Individual Membership. Membership is renewed every year in order to keep our records up to date. Read More

"Organisation or Firms Membership" is available to firms, tax practices, accountants, lawyers and related businesses with specific tax services or tax issues. Firms membership is subscription based and the fees raised by subscription memberships help with funding the Association.

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Guild of Tax Advisers | Aims Association of Tax Advisors Aims & Objectives

The aims of the Association of Tax Advisers

Training and related resources are part of the Assocation's aims.

Development and support of members is also part of the Association's aims. Petitioning Government and Government Department's about issues important to our members is also part of our aims.

Websites within our network supply support services from tax recruitment, personal development and training, lobbying groups, administration issues such as tax software issues and insurance issues commentry and reviews, a taxation journal written by and for it's fellow members, and advertising and promotional service to help member firms and individual promote and develop their businesses.

Guild of Tax Advisers | Aims Our Tax Network

Published by Tax Publications Limited the Association of Tax Advisors

The Association of Taxation is an association working for the benefit of it's members.

Promoting your self and your firm online through online tax articles and tax news publications is a great way for a host of reasons. We make it our business to know this area of online promotion so we can help members in the Association to promote themselves online.

Our tax articles based site on Taxation Journal. The journal is a dynamic way to promote your skills and knowledge not just to other professionals but to the world. Investing time to write interesting articles is also a good way to gain "structured" continuing profession development or education (CPD or CPE) points required by a host of Professional membership organisations. It is also a good way of gaining new new skills and updating existing ones. 

And staying up to date with the latest Taxation News is easy through our tax news site. Tax is an every changing a complex subject and tax news and information is a useful and important resource.

Why not become a section editor or contributor to the news site?

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For a range of online benefits work with us so we can help your promote your tax practice online. 

Association of Tax Advisors | Logo

An Association is "an organisation of individuals and firms with related trading interests and goals and one formed for mutual aid or development of its members".

The "Association of Tax Advisors" has been founded by Tax Publications Limited to help it's member firms and individuals succeed in the field of tax.